Friday, March 06, 2009

An armfull of handspun

Somehow (I'm not entirely sure how) I've managed to carve out some spinning time in the past few weeks. This first skein, however, was a long work in progress -- I think that I started it before Billy was born, actually, although I finally got it plied and wet-finished this week:

I'm not sure how you type this out properly, but it's a cabled yarn made up of two 3-plied components. All of that twisting and plying tucked in a good deal of the "ends" of each individual strand of wool, so it makes for a very soft, smooth, strong yarn.

Baby Camel/Merino blend from Susan's Spinning Bunny -- Cabled yarn, 250 yds, 13 WPI (wraps per inch).

I'm going to knit a swatch over the weekend and then ship it off to my very wool-sensitive husband and see how he feels about it after pinning it down his shirt for a while. If he likes it, it'll become a hat for him. If I can get gauge, I'm thinking of either Koolhaas or Habitat (both by Jared Flood).

So anyway, that was my Serious Spin. As a reward for finally finishing it, I let myself do some Fun And Pointless Spinning.

"Crazy Valentine" (batt carded by Elizabeth/Eutrapelia), 2-ply, 50 yds, 7 WPI (bulky).

"Bollywood": Merino, bamboo, sari silk, glitz. This was from one of the batts I carded a while ago with my little sister.

2-ply, 54 yds, 8 WPI (slightly less, but still bulky).

Both Crazy Valentine and Bollywood were like candy for the wheel and spindle. Quick, fun, and oh-so-great to fastrack straight to a finished product. Well, of course they're not knit yet, but at least I've got something to show for my efforts. Unlike the house, which keeps "magically" uncleaning itself...

Yummy yarn.

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