Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I'm feeling a little melancholy...have been all week, which accounts for the blogging silence (well that along with the ever present busyness of caring for my 4 small people). With my mom and sister gone, I am no longer distracted from the fact that Greg is gone, and it is as though I can feel too much. All of my nerves and emotions are raw, and I am far too aware of it. I am terribly thankful to have a Valentine...but it would be lovely to have him here with me. Only a few more months.

Despite the challenges of the week (the children have made it obvious to me that they're also struggling with all of the changes), I am still glad that I can wake up to tiny faces like this every morning:

As difficult as it may be to believe, this little dude turned 8 weeks old two days ago. My goodness. His dimples melt my heart every time he smiles. Thank God he's getting past his colic, and I see these smiles often now.

One of my favorite ways to distract myself from Lack Of Greg is mindless entertainment. Today being what it is, I felt it necessary to stock up on suitable material at the Shopette today when I was on post:

I am a huge fan of Seth Rogen and the whole Freaks and Geeks crew, so Zach and Miri is slated for tonight, for sure.

Daisy has recently discovered dresses, and doesn't ever want to take them off:

(Seen here with a corduroy jumper on over her pajamas)

If I could find the time (make the time?) to sew, I'd whip her up a bunch of little shifts to wear each day. I plan to start collecting suitable patterns (very simple ones) and fabrics, and maybe I'll manage to get the sewing machine out this spring.

For now though, it's all about the knitting:

This is the Charming Shawl Collared Cardigan (Ravelry link) from Sweater Babe, in Cascade 109 Tweed (a WEBS closeout, so grab some while you can!) It's a clever pattern, but quick with bulky yarn and fat needles, which is good, because I can only knit a tiny bit at a time with the current demands of my life.

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