Sunday, February 15, 2009

The British invasion continues!

My friend Becky emailed me last week, alerting me to the fact that there's a British cafe on a nearby Air Force Base. Of course we had to go, so my children and I met up with her and her little girl on Friday for some fish and chips. My children were on their worst behavior for whatever reason, so lunch itself was kind of frustrating (the plan of relaxing and knitting was just straight out -- it was difficult enough just to eat!). On the upside, we stopped in the botique grocery off of the cafe after lunch, and I discovered that I no longer need to mail order!

We picked up these cookies as well for snacking on the way home, since none of the children had really eaten properly at the restaurant (don't you hate it when that happens?)

Now it must be noted that I certainly don't *need* any more jams or spreads of any kind. I'd show you what is already in my refrigerator, but the shear number of them is just embarrassing. Apparently I'm obsessed.

Of course as soon as I got home, I had to have scones, so I threw together a recipe of Oat Scones from my new favorite cookbook "Baking: from my home to yours" by Dori Greenspan.

Side note: My mom and I enjoyed this book so much that I mail-ordered a copy for her, delivered the day after she got back home as a thank-you for all of the help and support over the last month. But really, do I need an excuse to give a little special something to such an awesome mom? I think not. :)

These scones were nubby with oats, lightly sweet, and completely perfect with anything I put on top of it. I'm going to try some of her other scones recipes, but at the moment this is my new favorite. I'll share the recipe in a future post.

Remember this handspun?

To refresh your memory, it's two versions of the same wool and colorway: Romney in Eclipse, a Spunky Club fiber from the summer. I had spun the bulky singles over the summer, and then when a friend gave me her 4 oz bump a few months ago, I spun that into a fine singles and navajo-plied it to use as warp.

All of this to say, two days before my mom and Rachel left, I managed to warp and weave this scarf for my sister Hannah:

She'd seen me spinning the softly twisted airy singles over the summer, and had commented on how she liked it. I loved the yarn itself, but being the Orange Phobic that I am, I knew that I would never make anything for myself with it, so I made a mental note to set it aside for her.

All of my siblings have been intrigued by my new interest in weaving, so when I sent the scarf home with my mom for Hannah, there was a good bit of jealousy all around. Thankfully they're jealous over something that's easy and quick to make! (What would I do if everyone suddenly got Sweater Lust?! Well they just wouldn't get them, that's what would happen.) :)

I taught Rachel to weave on this for the first foot of it or so, so there are child-sweetened bits that make it even more special.

According to Hannah, even though it's Romney, she finds it perfectly comfortable against her neck, and as an added bonus it matches perfectly a brand new handbag that she just bought. A winning situation all around.

Today I plan to make flapjacks with some of the Golden Syrup. I had always thought of flapjacks as huge pancakes, so this'll be fun to discover something new!

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