Thursday, February 19, 2009

A big box of love

So today I had planned to share with you more on my latest scone obsession (I made the Honey Nut ones from my new fav. cookbook: they need more honey, but are still good), but then I went and fetched this from the post office:

A box of Spunky goodness

Yes, my dears that is an entire box full of Valentine's Day hugs from around the world, thanks to my very darling and incredibly generous Spunky friends.

Spunky gifts

To say that I'm blown away is just a terrible understatement. I looked a the large box and thought, "hmm, that's really strange, because I don't remember ordering anything recently...although I've been really tired, so maybe I forgot..." I was surprised, to say the least, when I opened it. What really got me all choked up, however, was when I started to open up all of the packages, big and small, and began to realize the thoughtfulness and love that went into each gift. Not only were there things in there for me, but also for each of my children. You can click through to the Flickr set for details if you would like to see what was inside of each (I'm afraid some of my reader's browsers would just keel over dead if I posted every pic here).

I don't know who masterminded this whole thing, but thank you to each one of you who participated in this. Reading each of your notes: encouragement, thanking our family for our sacrifice to our country, words of comfort, and fun comments made me feel like I'm not alone at all.

Deeply and truly, thank you.

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