Saturday, February 21, 2009

A sick little guy and a sweet scarf

Max is sick. I've never taken my children to the Dr's before because of an illness, because they've never had something that lasts for more than 2 or 3 days...until this week. Max came down with a fever, and has had one on and off since. On Thursday night it finally got so high that he could hardly walk; his little legs were stiff and sore from the high temperature (102 as best as I could tell). It really scared me, so finally on Friday morning I called the clinic on post and got a same-day appointment.

The Dr. wasn't the most thorough (he looked in his ears and eyes, but didn't even check his throat), and didn't seem to be all that knowledgeable about children ("make sure he rests, and don't let him play" -- what?!), but he determined that it was a persistant sinus infection that had turned into something his body couldn't properly fight. Like all good Army Docs, he sent us home with an entire goody bag of free meds: Amoxicillin, children's Motrin, and Loratadine Syrup (non-drowsy allergy relief).

I've decided not to give him the allergy stuff, since I don't think it's absolutely necessary, and I'm worried it might end up being a stimulant and would end up with him climbing the walls; he seems to be breathing OK (although stuffy). Also, it's a terrible fight to get him to take anything at all, so I save my battles for the other two (you've got to plan ahead when confronting a 3-year-old of his constitution).

So anyway, that's the current drama. We managed to go to Stitch 'n Bitch this morning though -- I know that I'm supposed to give him as much rest as possible, but we really needed to get out of the house, and the venue we hold the meets at are particularly child-friendly and non-stressful to him since he's familiar with it.

In happier news, here's yet another scarf (wait -- a woven scarf? What a surprise!)

A while ago I'd posted a kind of sly project-in-progress pic, but I can show it to you now in it's full glory because it has safely arrived at it's new home. I wove this for a friend's birthday. She lives here in Germany and her husband is part of the same battalion as Greg, but she's home with her family back in the States at the moment, so I had to mail it to her.

The scarf is from a kit called "Winter Woven Scarf" in the colorway "Sage", composed of two handpainted elements: skinny sock yarn warp (the up-and-down) and a bulky thick-and-thin weft (the back-and-forth part). I love the finished product, and would have already bought another kit for myself...except that it's almost impossible for me to pick a color. This is why I am in fiber clubs -- I am terrible at narrowing things down, and it's nice to just have someone do the choosing for me. That being said, I might spring for a kit in the Bruised Ego colorway if Amy stocks it again...(I am truly a sucker for anything purple or green -- or both!)

I'm on the sleeves of my Charming Shawl-Collared Cardigan, so I'm nearing completion...except that I screwed up the decreases for the back and will have to go back and fix that up, but it won't take too long (big yarn, big needles). I'm not rushing any of my projects at the moment (mostly because that's just plain impossible with my little nursing dude), but I'm pretty sure that I'll have the cardi done sometime in the next week.

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