Thursday, November 06, 2008

Turn A Square

I'm too exhausted at the moment to put together a proper FO post on the thing I promised yesterday, but here's something I'm working on today:

My brother Jonathan has been asking me for a hat almost as long as I've been knitting.  I did knit him a Newsie hat, but it was "the wrong color", and he forgot it somewhere.  The punishment for that was no hat for the next two years.  Every time he asks though, I promise him that I will knit him another...eventually... maybe this Christmas?  Or perhaps his birthday?

I haven't seen him in a while and I actually miss him.  He is a newly commissioned officer in the US Army, and has been given orders to be stationed a few hours from us here in Germany.  He is currently in the air on his way here from the States, and...well, I finally feel that a hat is in order.  I feel some sort of terrible guilt that his fuzzy shaved head will be cold here, and all because I haven't yet knit him a proper wool hat to wear.  You will understand the magnitude of this guilt when I tell you that I've put aside my February Lady Sweater and all other knitting to work on this.  (Putting aside a pregnant obsession for some Other Project?!  How can this be?!!!)  My husband regularly laughs at my the guilt projects I assume, but it seems that I cannot help myself.

Anyway, I chose the Turn A Square hat by Jared Flood, which I've been eyeing curiously ever since he released it.  At my local yarn store I just happened to find a luscious, soft tweed (Gedifra English Tweed -- Merino, Polyamid, Angora) that coordinated with the one remaining "manly" colorway of Silk Garden the shop contained.  Thus armed, I cast on this morning, and...well, I couldn't put this hat down even if I wanted to.  I'd forgotten the addictive quality of knitting with Silk Garden, and it's especially good here, because the knitter is held in suspense for the breaths between the Noro during the two rows of solid is truly gift knitting in it's most enjoyable form.  In fact, I think that I want one of these hats for me.  With a different base color, but...yeah.  This hat is Love At First Knit.  Thankfully it's not in my colors at all, or I would be loath to part with it.  I just hope that he actually likes the hat this time...  (Although it is my opinion that Knitted Gift Starvation cultivates appreciation in the best way, so this hat has a fighting chance.)
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