Monday, November 03, 2008

Shalom is almost there...

The knitting of Shalom is complete, and this morning, a perfect button found (the lady at the button shop is a genius, and can always find me The Button in about 30 seconds flat).

It's currently blocking on a baby gate on the dining room table, so I might be able to get FO shots of it tomorrow once I get the button sewn on.

A question for you all: some people show their knitted things before blocking. I understand the urge to display hard work the moment after cast-off, but isn't blocking part of the whole process? To me, showcasing an unblocked piece would be like going out to run my errands in a sweater with the needles still in the edge, and ends not woven in. Feel free to disagree though. Any thoughts?

Angela asked me where she might find Vital Wheat Gluten for the bread recipe I posted last week. I know that in NY I can get it at almost any grocery store in the flour or organic or natural food section, but there are also places to get it online. The Urban Homemaker is one place you can order from, although I'm sure there's many others.
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