Tuesday, November 04, 2008


My new favorite sweater:

I had started this project mostly because I had yarn in my stash that would work, and I wanted a sweater as fast as possible (irrational emergencies arise when pregnant hormones are in play).  The yarn usage was happy, because it didn't feel like I'd spent anything on it, and the pure merino is wonderfully soft and squashy in the knit fabric.  Because it's a plied yarn, I hope that the pilling will be minimal with wear, but I'll report back on that later on.  Overall, I'm even more pleased with this than I thought I would be, and that's always a nice surprise.

One of my neighbors across from me was hanging out of her window, smoking, and openly staring at me as I did this shoot, so I was feeling a tiny bit uncomfortable (thus, the missing face from the first shot -- couldn't look normal, and couldn't bear to re-shoot).  I don't know why Germans do this, or why it makes my American sensibilities squirm so badly, but I just can't get used to the obvious staring in this country.  I've tried to ignore neighbors sometimes when they've done this, but then have gotten whistled at, like "Hey!  I'm staring at you here!  Let's have some proper eye-contact so that we all know what's going on!"  It really shouldn't matter, because in America we all spy on each other too...it's just that we like to play peek-a-boo (ever peeked out through some mini-blinds?), and somehow that's...better?  Yeah, I should probably not have a problem with this.  I'm being a true American Silly.

I love the texture of the twisted stitches on the yoke.  In it's entirety, the project was quick, simple, and will be easy to wear.  I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about the one button, but I'm very glad that I went with that now.  As it turns out, although my shoulders and arms are still small, if I'd put in more buttons with my current chest size there would have been a lot of unseemly stretching and gaping at the button band, and the bust-line numbers are only going up from here.  (They say that after the first 10 weeks or so of nursing a baby, your bust size goes back down a few inches towards normal.  Not so with me, until the baby is weaned.  It's ridiculous.)


Needles: 10-1/2 (yoke and body), 10 (sleeves)
Yarn: Handpaintedyarn.com Merino Bulky, 4 skeins, colorway unknown (from "Odd's 'n Ends" section of site)
Mods: Added sleeves (put sleeve stitches on hold while I knit the body then came back to them, going down one needle size).

For more details, check out the project page on Ravelry.

Thank you to those of you who responded to yesterday's post.  I dearly hope that I didn't offend anyone, or sound like I was criticizing in any way, and I didn't have anyone in mind when I wrote about it.  What you do on your blog is your deal, I'm just curious.  I

 should clarify that I don't generally block mittens and hats, although I do when they need it (Daisy's Rosebud set needed blocking -- the hat had these weird puckers from the short-rows, and the mittens felt stiff because of the tight gauge).  I totally understand the "no room to block" dilemma as well -- I guess my main thing is that I want to show each finished piece in it's most presentable form.  My Hemlock blanket, for instance, has been sitting amongst my stash since before summer because I haven't taken the time to block it yet.  If I show it to you now, I'm still going to want to re-show it after the blocking has taken place.  So I'm waiting (although, speaking of that one, I really don't know what's keeping me from blocking it, since we could use a blanket on the couch now that colder weather has begun to set in!  Must get on that.)

In my next post, I have an FO to show you that marks the completion of a project you've probably forgotten all about.  It's one of my favorite things I've ever finished, and I've been dying to show it to you all, but haven't been able to shoot it properly until now.  But you'll have to come back to see...

I've picked back up my February Lady Sweater (cast on the same day as Shalom and the latest purple version of Central Park Hoodie).  I'm just past the eyelet increases (which I did as "M1's", since I didn't think I'd enjoy holes in the middle of my garter stitch), and am now working the last few rounds before I can start the lace patterned rounds.  Hurrah for fly-away cardis and big bellies!
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