Monday, November 17, 2008


About a week ago, I promised to show you. Something that you've probably forgotten about. Something I HAD forgotten about. Something that I totally need to show you.

Does anyone remember that I was working on Sahara about ten million years ago?

It was in my sidebar as a WIP...

I had brought it with me on my first trip back to the States last spring, and picked it up every so often after...

At the end of this last trip, about 3 days before we were due to fly, I suddenly thought: I need to finish Sahara. Now. If for no other reason than to have one of my gorgeous and slender sisters model it, I buckled down, knit the two sleeve caps, ripped out and re-knit the bottom edge that I'd screwed up the first time over, sewed up the neckline to my specifications, washed and blocked it. And it was beautiful. I could not believe I had waited so long to complete the thing.

All of my project details on Ravelry here.

My sister Grace, hatching a plan to steal the sweater

I have never knit such a well fitted garment. My sister would have kept it if I'd let her, but, in hopes of returning to my natural state (similarly shaped when not baby-altered), I brought it back here with me.

After knitting this sweater, I would knit anything designed by Wendy Bernard. From the slight rise at the back of the neckline to the curve at the hem, every detail is perfect, well thought-out, and fit-specific. And the pattern was errata free! I will definitely be knitting more of her designs.

The pattern is so well written, and it's easy to customize for a perfect fit. (I think that I left out a few of the waist decreases so that it would cling a little more gently.)

Neck detail -- I love the gentle texture of this diamond rib pattern

Berroco Denim Silk is crisp on the needles, but once washed, develops a beautifully soft, drapey hand. It has unfortunately been discontinued (indeed, this was purchased for me -- for $5 a skein -- by my good friend Sarah, as part of a "discontinued" sale) You, however, can pick some up on Ravelry if you do a search for this yarn, filtered with "will trade or sell". I knit this project to gauge, and used 7 skeins, with about 5 yards left over.

I look forward to being able to wear this for the first about a year or two.

Hem detail -- the curved edges add to the overall appeal and flattering fit of the sweater

Shoulder detail -- perfect, tiny little capped sleeves curve ever so gently over the shoulder when worn
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