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knitting sanity (?)

40 weeks today. I was hoping that I wouldn't get to take this picture.

Happy Easter to all who celebrate it! Very unfortunately, the baby has still not shown up to celebrate with us. Today is my due date, and I still have not observed any body signal that would indicate labor. It is becoming increasingly difficult to walk, and I'm rather crabby, sore, and anxious feeling.

I've never been pregnant this long before. From Thursday up until now, I've had this insane desire to knit baby things and get as much done as possible. Today I'd be knitting too, except that I think I overdid it a bit, and my left wrist is giving me some grief. Instead, since it's so beautiful outside, I've been spinning out in the wintergarden.
It's a wool blend from the Spunky Club. This is the January color (I think it's called Walkabout)
I'm spinning it as a heavy DK weight singles; it will self stripe.

Thank you so much to everyone who gave such great feedback to my last post! For those who are not interested in taking part of this conversation, please scroll down to further fiber related business. =)

Katura: My family is very supportive about my birth choices. My mom delivered me in the hospital, seven at a child birth center (with midwives), and the youngest at home. I'm not sure what I would suggest in the way of reading material, since I've come about my information through community as well as personal research. I suppose that doing searches online for alternative birth choices and just getting as informed as possible would be the best way to determine if it's the right thing for you.

Skylar: Yes, I gave birth to both Sparky and Max at home as well. Diet-wise, I attempted to get as much protein as possible, since that helps build the baby's brain, without me gaining too much weight. I adore carbs, so there was never any danger of me not getting enough of that. Instead, I just focused on working protein into every meal and snack, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables. With Sparky and Max, I was so turned off by meat that I became mostly vegetarian (in doing this, I was still careful to get complete proteins and the proper balance of diet so that the baby could continue to grow properly). This current baby has brought me around 100% the other way, and now I crave meat all the time.

Charity: Although my belief in God does play a vital role in my life, I don't think that it's played a direct role in choosing a birth method. I realize that some people hold certain views about the medical system and alternative methods because of their faith, but I would not feel comfortable with that, personally. I would rather know that I have come to my decisions through my own channels rather than allowing a religion to make that decision for me.

Katy: Yes, it is true that sometimes recovery from a natural childbirth can be rather long and arduous. The main cause of this is generally tearing while giving birth. Some women take much longer than others to heal from a tear (which, of course, can also depend on the degree of the injury), which can be very frustrating as well as painful. However, the risk of a tear can be greatly reduced by regular perineal massage in the last 6 weeks of pregnancy, and even more effectively by using the Epi-no device. Both of these methods should also make an episiotomy needless. (By the way, if anyone is interested in getting an Epi-no in the States, you can currently get one at a great discount through I highly recommend using the Epi-no, and I wish that more doctors and midwives State-side knew about it. I would go so far as to say that it's an absolute must for all first time moms.

On to fiber fun! (Or obsessive behavior?)

All this week, I've been knitting frantically on baby things. Yesterday, I decided to lay everything out that I've completed so far, and realized that I have quite a set. No wonder why my wrist hurts.
Bottom row from left: Fiber Trends Baby Basics lace edged hat and booties with Baby Bolero (from One Skein) in my handspun merino/cotton; Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Sweater in my handspun merino; Bunny Ears hat from Itty Bitty Hats with Berry Baby Booties in Rowan Cashsoft DK Baby.
Top row from left: Christine's Baby Booties with Wood Nymph hat (my own design, pattern to follow) in Regia Bamboo Color (white/pink tweed, don't remember name); Marshmallow Bonnet from Itty Bitty Hats (finally finished it last night!) in Rowan Cashsoft DK Baby, Roll Brim Hat from Itty Bitty Hats with rib-cuffed booties from Fiber Trends Baby Basics in Rowan Cashsoft DK Baby.

If you want to see it all in a little more detail, click the picture to enlarge.

Here's a better pic of the pink booties and hat. Now I really want the baby to be a girl so that I she can model these. The point on the top of the hat is all kinds of Dr. Seuss-ish, and I almost made more crocheted loops for the top to fill it out, but then I really liked how spindly it looked.
Here's a close up of the back of the Marshmallow Bonnet. The pink things are just Oh My Gosh! I love it.
I knit the 6 month size, because it would be just too cute for stroller rides in the fall.

If this baby is a boy, I have a friend who's having a girl in a few weeks, so anything girly that I knit will still be well loved and used.

I must go, because I can't bear to be at the computer any longer. Must spin...or knit...or something. Really, I'd just rather have a baby. Will keep you all posted...

Oh, an if anyone has anything else to say about birth related issues that I brought up in the last post, please continue to ask or discuss in the comments. It's been rather fascinating to see what everyone thinks about this topic.

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