Tuesday, April 24, 2007

27 years young!

It's my 27th birthday! Thank you to sweet Skylar for the e-card. You made me smile this morning.

Notice the beautiful teal skein above? That's from (blogless) Linda, who I swapped Koigu with a few weeks ago. She sent me this skein of sock yarn last week as a baby congratulations! Thank you thank you! Yarny gifts are always hugely appreciated. =) I've never even heard of this yarn before. It's called Dream In Color sock yarn, and it's dyed in very subtle varigations of the perfect teal.

Speaking of yarn, I was planning on buying myself a birthday gift today at The Loopy Ewe, and my parents gave me a gift certificate to help me along! Shopping bliss. I adore gift certificates, because it feels like I'm cheating the system somehow.

The lovely carrot cakes that my mom made for Baby L and I. (Recipe can be found at the podcast blog!)

My day will be full of knitting and baby snuggling. What could be better?

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