Thursday, May 12, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday: Secret Agent

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What I Wore Wednesday: Secret Agent
Black camisole, Target ~ V-neck T-shirt, OldNavy ~ Black tuxedo-stripe skinny jeans, OldNavy ~ Knee-high leather boots, Born (from ~ Bracelet, Cocktail Ring, Sparkly Fascinator Headband, all gifts from a friend ~ Austrian Crystal Lariat Necklace, unknown.

Have you ever watched those action movies with the sleekly dressed female assassin/secret agent who can shoot poison darts with a ballpoint-pen, has a hidden camera in her cleverly designed necklace, and can run down the enemy spy with a pair of killer heels?

What I Wore Wednesday: Secret Agent

I figure that if a Super Awesome Secret Agent can do that, I can at least chase down a toddler with a pair of knee-high boots.

What I Wore Wednesday: Secret Agent

And with all of this bling, there's NO way anyone would ever see me coming.  Or pick me out of a crowd.  So sneaky.  I even have a scar next to my right eye.  That TOTALLY makes me bad-ass.  Scar-Faced-Faith.  That's my Bad Guy name.  Wait -- I forgot that I was supposed to be the good guy in this story.  Whoops!

What I Wore Wednesday: Secret Agent

In reality, I probably COULD run down an assassin...because he would fall over laughing at my inefficient running style....which is what happens even when I'm in my track shoes.  I love making people smile.  ("They're not laughing AT me, just WITH me...")  A girl can dream.

A note on make-up:
I used my favorite Maybelline Eye Studio Color Plush Silk palette in Sapphire Siren, and Rimmel Vinyl Lip Gloss in Crystal Clear.  The key to a really intense eye like this is to fearlessly apply color, layering until you have the intensity you want, then very carefully blend each color into the next, finishing with blending out any harsh edges on the outside of the lid.  I apply my shadow with brushes, but then use my fingertips for blending, because I think that works better than Q-tips or cotton balls or brushes.

Alright my friends, I've been doing this weekly style feature for about 2-1/2 months now, and I've enjoyed it, but what about you?  For me, this blog has always been about whatever it is that I'm interested in.  I figure, if I start to write about things that don't interest you, as the reader you have the power to click away to more stimulating subjects.  However, this style section has run a little far-afield from the initial goal -- to give myself a place to talk about the creative and crafty parts of my life along with a good dose of life-as-a-mother, and the occasional recipe.  While I personally feel very creative when putting together outfits, how does that make you feel?  Should we keep it?


Connie McGue said...

Even though I never comment (bad me), I LOVE all of your posts. It's great that you have so many interests!!

Faith D. said...

Thank you Connie! I often forget to comment on the blogs I read each day
too. I'm glad to hear you're enjoying it (silently) anyway! :-)

Mouse said...

I say keep it! How else will we keep track of what color your hair is this week?? hee hee.


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