Saturday, May 07, 2011

Link-tastic Friday (Saturday)

Every so often when I'm at the grocery store, I buy myself a little bunch of flowers.  I love these uncomplicated boquets -- dressy and cheerful, yet unassuming, with none of the fuss of extra greenery or varied flowers (although I certainly appreciate that too for more formal occasions!)

Little roses in a pickle jar

Because there's nothing like a sweet, perfect little bunch of roses in a pickle jar.

Little roses in a pickle jar

Random coolness:
  • As soon as my current cell phone contract is up, I am very much looking forward to getting an iPhone.  This post on A Beautiful Mess about iPhone Photo Apps makes it seriously hard to wait!

  • Purchasing pre-printed embroidery kits is something that I usually consider an un-necessary luxury, but, well...happy Mother's Day to me!  The colors, the design -- I'm in love!  Pre-order your Daisychain ABC's Crewelwork by Posie Gets Cosy/Alicia Paulson right here. (for release in mid-June).

Food (savory):
  • I made this Marinated Flank Steak last night (using both flank and skirt steak), and then ran it under the broiler instead of grilling it.  It's hands down my favorite flank steak recipe to date.  SO delicious!  (I only marinated it for 6 hours, although overnight would have probably been even better.)
  • In the past, I've mentioned this Quick Pickled Zucchini recipe before, but I need to repost the link, because it's become our go-to pickle in this house.  Even my children like it if I don't make it too spicy (or if I just sort out the hot peppers when I serve it to them).  Tip: slicing the zucchini in the food processor makes it even quicker.

Food (sweet):
  • Some of these are more appetizing looking than others, but I love the concept!  What a fun birthday party idea!  Or just a sweet girl's night in...  Amazing Cake In A Jar, via Pistof.  (Thank you Shannon W. for the link!)  The one at the  top of my list is definitely the S'mores recipe (using some homemade marshmallows....oh yeah baby).
  • Here's some more of the same from 15 Dessert Recipes In A Jar.
  • I've been making Molly Wizenberg's Cinnamon Rolls With Cream Cheese Glaze for a few years now and I love it, but these Cinnamon Rolls with Dates and Walnuts look like a really interesting little change-up.  Must try it soon!
  • Sparky's class had a unit study on some different countries around the world, and as the study came to an end, us parents were asked to bring things in for an "international food buffet".  I volunteered to bring baklava (supposedly the favorite of Egyptians -- Sparky's study subject).  This is the recipe I used, although I used this syrup recipe, modifying it slightly by simmering lemon peel and 3 cloves with the cinnamon stick and omitting the lemon juice.

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