Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Farmer's Market and the Not Socks

This morning, my little ones and I went to our local farmer's market for the first time this season.

Farmer's Market

It was fun to talk to the farmer who had actually grown the food, and select seasonal, local vegetables that I don't normally see at my grocery store.

Of course, the VERY BEST part for Some Of Us was the peanut butter cookies.

Farmer's Market

("Why was Mommy buying all of those vegetables anyway?!"  "NO idea.")

Farmer's Market

It's been remarkably chilly here for the past two days -- enough so that we had to break back out the sweatshirts.  I actually felt the cold front coming in as we sat at an outdoor restaurant Sunday afternoon. It was a remarkable feeling; as though someone had turned on the outside air conditioning.  I'm sure it'll be back to 90 by the end of the week though.  Such is springtime in Texas.

Oh, hey!  Do you want to see what I'm giving my mom for Mother's Day?


What?  You don't see a pair of socks there?  Well then.  I suppose we'll be going with chocolate dipped strawberries instead.

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