Monday, May 09, 2011

A tale of two suck-tacular projects

Project suck-tastic #1:
On Thursday, I promised a friend I'd bring my favorite pound cake for a get-together that night.  Unfortunately, the cake stuck in the bundt pan (1st time it's stuck -- and I'm pretty sure I didn't do anything different than the last 100 times!), and I had to literally carve it out onto the serving plate.  Since I'd promised, I decided to still bring it anyway, ugly as it was, so I just drizzled it with glaze and brought it as is.  Thankfully, my friends love me enough to trust my baking, so it was happily eaten in spite of the disaster.

Project suck-tastic #2:
Yesterday, Greg took the children out for the afternoon to give me a few hours to myself in the studio.  The perfect Mother's Day gift!  I used the time to sew together a bag that I've had cut out for a few months now....

"Two Kates" project bag

And only afterwords realized that the pattern is upside down.  On both sides.  At least I'm consistent.  (This is the Two Kates Bag -- a free project from Needled.)

I added little patch pockets to the lining on both sides, and a divider (using a heavyweight interfacing to stiffen it up).

"Two Kates" project bag

....As it turns out, I must have cut the divider a little too wide, because it warps the bag's shape just a bit. But it's functional!

"Two Kates" project bag

Overall, it's the perfect thing to use as I had intended -- a small diaper-bag/knitting-bag/pocketbook to take with me on a day filled with little errands.

Flavor over beauty.  Function over form.  It's not a complete loss if it's still usable!  What are your favorite disasters?


Dawn Green said...

I did the same thing about 15 years ago after having my first child. It was Christmas and I had this great Christmas print to make a vest for my hubby and a little romper for my daughter. I finished the vest and it looked great. My hubby was the emcee at a Christmas program and wore the vest and it was while he was onstage that I noticed that all the Christmas trees were upside down.

Carolyn said...

Oh, if only I had a dollar for everytime that I've done that...


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