Tuesday, May 18, 2010

LOST projects: the productivity of my unproductive week

Daisy has been either throwing up or lying on the couch with a fever all day.  So sad.

I hate it when my children are sick, because I feel so helpless.  Hopefully she'll be better in the morning.

In the meantime, here are the things I was working on while watching marathons of LOST Season 5 for the past 2 weeks:


Into The Woods Spectrum Batt from Purldrop Studio


Alpine Meadow Art Batt from Purldrop Studio


My Deep Dark Purple (Very) Blended Batt from Purldrop Studio

That last one was both spun and plied on a spindle, and the singles were laceweight.  After a good many hours spinning the same color purple, I started to feel like it was The Project That Would Never End.  Then it occurred to me that really the only Projects That Never End are the ones that are never worked on.  So I took it outside with me while I waited for Max's bus in the afternoons, I spun while watching episodes of LOST, I spun between breaks in the action while cooking dinner....it took up residency on the upper counter in my kitchen, and I tried to give it a little go any time I thought of it.  And at last, I was done!


The last cop of singles on my Lignum Vitea Golding spindle


The singles


2-strand plying ball


Plied up on my purple turnip supported spindle.  This took ALL DAY.  NOTE TO SELF: ply fine stuff on wheel.  OR YOU WILL HATE.  And my mom taught me not to hate.


This last picture looks almost obscene to me...maybe I'm just feeling s*xually repressed, but seriously, that's where my mind goes, immediately.  I'm a 12-year-old child trapped in a 30-year-old body.  Scary times.

This project was especially important to me, because the batt contained the last bits of natural black alpaca from the chunk of fiber my friend Sharon gave me when she first taught me to spin on a toy-wheel spindle 4 years ago. (WOW that was a complicated sentence.  I'm not even sure I can untangle that one.)  I clumsily spun most of it in that first weekend of my Spinning Life, but saved back a wee bit for when I could utilize it in a more skillful way once I'd gotten "good".  Last year I carded it together with some purple Corrie or Merino (can't remember now), and a big pinch of purple glitz, and have just now gotten around to spinning it.

I also did quite a bit of mindless knitting on my Red Wine Cardi (Estelle).


This color doesn't even begin to represent the deep wine of the actual sweater, but ah well, it's just a WIP pic.

My friend Jillian gave me these precious little cupcake stitch markers for my birthday, and they made me smile as I knit back and forth across them:


I've got a few more inches of the body, and then on to the arms!

I also finished another pair of socks for my mom (not photographed yet), and taught myself the Coreless Core Spinning technique by Jazzturtle using a Three Ring Circus Spontaneous Spinning Cloud (WOAH LONG NAME!) from Loop.


It's fun, and I prefer it to traditional corespinning (wait -- is ANY corespinning considered traditional?  Must think on that one.  Okay, thinking's done, and nevermindI'montosomethingelse.  HEY! Shiny!!)  It's a tiny bit fussy at the beginning, but now that I'm getting used to it, I really like it.  YAY corespun!

So...I suppose I really did get stuff done during my two weeks of NOTGETTINGANYTHINGDONE.  I just didn't show any initiative with the things that actually NEEDED to get done.  But who needs to be practical all the time?  NOT ME!  Although the guilt of just letting go was kind of difficult to take...

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