Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"Birdhill" beginnings

Daisy is still kind of sick today, but at least she's able to nap.  It would be terribly miserable if she was hyper-sick.  That's just terrible.  She hasn't thrown up since last night, and she actually got some Rice Krispies down this morning, so it seems like things are looking up a bit.  She's sleeping in the playroom at the moment, Billy is napping in his crib, and the house is peaceful and breezy.  Sometimes moments like this feel like the eye of the storm, but I savor them anyway.

I'm setting up for my next embroidery project:


I taped the fabric securely to the table.  Transfer paper (from Sublime Stitching) is sandwiched between the fabric and the printed out design "Birdhill" (by Aimee Ray from her Etsy shop Little Dear).  I used a ballpoint tracing stylus (also from Sublime Stitching) to trace over the image, transferring it to the fabric beneath.


The transferred design "hooped" (or should I say "q-ed"?) in a Q-Snap Frame.


My chosen color palette.

I haven't decided if this will be a wall hanging, appliqued on a small quilt, or another throw pillow, but I've been in love with this adorable design since the minute I first laid eyes on it!

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