Monday, May 10, 2010

Drop Trindling and the Zombie Mind Of Faith

I hope that all of you mommies had a lovely Mother's day! Mine was busy, but I was with the ones I love, so that was the important part.

There are a few sewing projects I've been wanting to blog about for a few weeks now, but today I simply have no motivation at all.  Greg has been working a night shift for the past week, and when he's around in the evenings I tend to stay up way too late with projects or watching episodes of LOST or whatever.  Added to the extra effort and stress of caring for the children completely alone while he's on this weird schedule, I've completely exhausted myself.  I don't feel motivated to get anything done.

I wasn't even motivated to write that last paragraph but HEY!  Miracles happen.  Sometimes.

For now, I'm just sitting here with my Trindle spindle, working on some Scarlett Fleece wool that I picked up at my local yarn shop (colorway Wrangler...maybe.  Not sure, and I lost the tag.)


I'm spinning a thick-ish 2-ply, which will be for Billy's winter set this year.  Here's the first 2 oz, which I managed to fit into one cop.  It was kind of wobbly and heavy at the end, but it was gratifying to be able to pack it all in.


I'm comfortable spinning thick on my wheel, but always find myself spinning very fine on my spindles, so this is a good exercise for me.  Just the right amount of "challenge" without being actually taxing on my poor exhausted brain.

Dudes, I seriously need to sleep tonight.

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