Tuesday, March 02, 2010

When pirates lie in wait...

OK darlin's, I still don't have anything fiber related to show you because I've been a total looser about taking pictures (well, and recovering from hives -- now my face is just shedding like a snake.  A fetching look.)  But in the interest of making perhaps a few of you smile today, here's a pirate story for you.

After their (early) dinner, a group of tiny criminals gathered on the front lawn to await their next victim...



Truthfully, I was a tiny bit scared.




This guy especially looks like he'd show no mercy.


Then suddenly -- a fight to the last with 4 swords and a set of keys!!




Our small group/cell group/Front Porch group (from our church) met at a local restaurant tonight, so of course the pirates went in character. Because that's what real pirates do.

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