Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A novel idea

I promised the ladies in my knitting group the recipes for the blondies I brought to Knit Night two weeks ago, and I KEEP FORGETTING.  BECAUSE I AM A TERRIBLE PERSON.  NO MORE!  Here's the link to the best blondies I've ever eaten (recipe, of course, from Dorie Greenspan "Baking: From My Home to Yours"): Chewy, Chunky Blondies.  I've made them 4 or 5 times already, and they're always well recieved.

On April 24th, I will turn 30 years old.  Not really looking forward to that, but to lessen the burn a little, Greg is sending me to the Maryland Sheep And Wool Festival.  (!!!)  I know!!!  What a guy.  I'm going WITHOUT THE CHILDREN for A WHOLE WEEKEND.  I can hardly contain myself!  My good friend Jillian will be traveling with me; I'm so excited!  I've never been away from the children for more than a night.  EVER.  Yes, he is probably the Most Awesome Husband Ever.

Over on the Spunky Club board on Ravelry, a Great Stash Spin Up has begun, to help free up space in everyone's stash before Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.  This has given me the kick I needed to get my spinning wheel back into the action, and I've been dipping my toe in the pool of novelty spinning.



Agghhh!!  It's an alien!  Seriously, this was like playing with playdough,'s wool!  Molding, forming the wool to my will.  Super fun times.  And such ugly results!  I love it!  Completely unusable, but fun nonetheless.  (Thick and thin singles plied with commercial laceweight -- techniques used: behives, coils, supercoils.)

Next, I tried some corespinning with a lux novelty batt (CVM, sari silk, tussah, glitz) from Susan's Kitchen: Funky Valentine.


I was worried about the yarn being balanced and didn't want to wait for any answers on the Ravelry forum, so I plied it with a laceweight singles from the same batt, playing around with behives, and a little bit of supercoils and cocoons.




Daisy and Billy helped me pull out one of my stash boxes today...


Now just to decide what to spin next!

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