Friday, March 19, 2010

Handspun has hijacked my world (and there's no help for me)

NOTE: I didn't take time to create links through this post, so you'll have to Google.  So sorry!  I'm just too busy this week.  :-0

I've been spinning lately.... A LOT.


I haven't been able to think of much else.  Continuing on my little crash course in novelty/art spinning, I've tried out a bunch of new techniques lately, and I've been having so much fun!


Stats: Fabulous Fibers by Twisted Sheep "Opalescent".  Spun from a blended batt: Merino/Seacell, Tussah/Bamboo.  2.12 oz, 3-ply, 102 yds. Two plies of handspun singles plied with a third ply of laceweight commercial-spun merino-silk, which I strung with large oversized sequins.




Stats: Spunky Eclectic South African Fine "Confused".  4 oz, 118 yds super bulky thick and thin.




This is the Funky Valentine batt from Susan's Kitchen that I blogged about recently, but I finally got it washed in this batch of handspun.

Stats: Luxury novelty batt: CVM, silk, sari silk, firestar sparkle.  1.6 oz, 66 yds, behives, coils, bulky corespun plied with laceweight singles.



Stats: Three Bags Full batt: "Here's to the Champions 2007".  Merino cross, silk, silk noil.  2.4 oz, 72 yds super bulky.  Thick and thin singles plied and coiled with merino/silk commercial laceweight.


(This is more true to the actual color.)


Stats: Copper Pot Woolies batt: "Peas in a Pod".  Merino (?) super bulky singles wrapped in a merino/silk laceweight.  4.3 oz, 96 yds.




Stats: Southern Cross Fibre Club August 2009: "Forest Moon".  115 grams Romney wool, 170 yds aran/bulky singles.



I'm currently working on another wrapped singles yarn with handpainted Merino top from Selah, and laceweight.

I've been spinning up a Corriedale batt on my larger Golding spindle as well, but I don't have any pictures of it at the moment.

This week has been Spring Break for Sparky and Max, so maybe it's just because I've dearly needed the soothing action of spinning so smooth my tired, stressed out brain, but spinning has taken over my world and truly, I CANNOT STOP THE SPIN.

I am helpless to resist the siren call of handspun.

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