Saturday, March 20, 2010

Strawberry Roses

Yesterday I loaded this chubby skein of wrapped handspun onto my Lendrum Jumbo Head (Selah handpainted fiber, "New Orchid"):

(Pic taken on my camera phone -- "real" photoshoot after I wet finish it)

Last night I started spinning some pure handpainted Merino from Have You Any Wool, colorway "Strawberry":

This is the first 2 oz, which I finished this morning.

Here is the next 2 oz, arranged into faux rollags (thank you David!):

The top was too compressed to spin easily -- possibly due to the fact that it's been tightly braided in the bottom of a stash box for at least 2 years (!!) -- but then when I remembered David's tutorial for the faux rolags, I knew I'd found my answer.  It's much easier to spin now!

I love how it looks like a bunch of strawberry colored roses:

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