Friday, March 26, 2010

Teal Bliss

At Knit Night last night, I had the great joy of teaching two friends to spindle spin.  Our yarn shop just started stocking basic drop spindles and handpainted Merino top from Scarlet Fleece, and I am so excited about it!


Yesterday I finished the singles from the Grafton batt.


I wound them into a double stranded ball on my ball-winder, then in a burst of spindling genious, stood on a nearby stool (to add extra height to my....Giant Stature of 5'3") and plied them straight from the winder.


I ended up with a monster of a plied cop on my Golding Celtic Ring Spindle (fat little toddler toes for scale):


I had several hanks saved up to wash in one basin together; here they all are, drying out on my Piano Bench Rack.


From left: ripped out Green Tea Sweater, ripped out Leisel Bolero (in Strawberries and Champagne handspun, handpainted fiber from Have You Any Wool), New Orchid handspun, Teal Bliss (Grafton batt) handspun.

I will shoot some Proper Yarn Pr0n for a later post, but no time now.  It's Texas Day round these parts, and I have things to do!  :)

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