Friday, December 11, 2009

The Christmas madness begins...

It's December 12th. (I know, I can't believe it either.) Every year, I adopt a Christmas gifting strategy that is as follows: I will not knit or make handmade goods for anyone this year. Except, perhaps a pair of socks (or two) for my mom. And maybe a knit hat for my little sister. And a little something or other for one or two other people if they ask me and are really really nice about it and I feel that they're deserving of the handmade love... With 8 siblings, 3 grandparents, 4 children, a husband, and a few in-laws, you can see where this is going. Of course, all of this revisionary planning starts happening right around mid-November. This year though, I'm doing things differently. I WILL NOT KNIT FOR EVERYONE. I PROMISE. I'll just weave. And sew. Oh, and also a little baking thrown in for good measure. Because not only are they faster, but magically, more than likely they will ADD ENTIRE HOURS TO MY DAY THAT COULD NEVER HAVE BEEN THERE BEFORE. Please don't view me as delusional in any way. (Stop snickering, you there in the back -- I've seen your Christmas gifting list!)

Without further ado, here's the extent of the madness thus far. And I reserve the right to add to it as I see fit. Because, as we all know, the best ideas come at the 11th hour, just when the knitter/sewer/weaver has used her last ounce of sanity and has slipped into a zen-like state of denial that the clock will not tick one moment further before her/his projects are complete. So. Please step into my state of Crazy.

2 pairs pajama pants per child (= 8)
1 softie for each + for 3 of my youngest sibs (= 7)
2 aprons

3 scarves

1 skein

3 hats
1 pair of toddler mittens

Chocolate dipped marshmallows & World Peace Cookies (chocolate-chocolate chip shortbread) for my children's teachers (x4) (These will be packaged in pdf print-out treat boxes from the Etsy shop GoMakeMe, here and here.)

I related the above list to my husband last night. He shook my hand and said "Well, it's been nice knowing you. See you sometime after the New Year."

Completed so far: half a hat, warped a scarf.

Oh yeah, totally doable. Two pairs of the pajama pants have to be done by Pajama Day at school on the 18th (next Friday), as well as the teacher baked/candy gifts. Most everything else has to be done by the 21st so that I can mail it in time (hopefully) to reach the family in NY. And the rest of the things for my children can be done after that. In the three days before Christmas. Stop looking at me like that.

So! If you don't see me around online much, you'll know where I am. It looks like everything should work out as long as I sleep only 3 hours a night, start cooking boxed dinners, let the house fall to crap, and rent the children out. Ahh, it smells like Christmas around here.

Alright, enough of this nonsense. Here's something pretty to look at to distract you from the above foolishness.

Approx DK weight, n-plied, 220 yds, 4 oz, Diet Coke colorway BFL from Spunky Eclectic.

Yay! Handspun!

This is currently on the loom for one of the two woven scarves (this one is for my brother Jonathan). I warped it with two millspun yarns mixed in with the handspun -- a thick black merino and a thin burgundy one (similar idea to my mom's scarf).

So....what is your Christmas "to do" list? Please share, so that we can all weep into our hot cocoa together.

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