Sunday, December 20, 2009

Gifts completed thus far...

Thanks to all of you for your support in my Christmas-Plan-Sanity efforts. It's been great to read each of your lists, and share in the madness. Thank you especially to those of you who just stopped by for a chuckle. You all keep me real.

So! Here we are, approaching the cut-off date (Monday). I have until...well, however long it takes me to finish up, wrap and pack things to send out first thing Monday morning. So far completed:

Woven scarf #1 for my brother Jonathan:

7" wide, 58" long, handspun Diet Coke BFL handspun and some millspun mixed in with the warp.

Woven scarf #2 for my sister Grace:

RYC Cashsoft Baby DK, 64 warp ends. Other measurements not taken yet, and not time for it! I'll post proper details later in my Ravelry projects. (Psst! Stephanie is right -- 30 minutes in a 225 deg. oven gets a freshly washed scarf bone dry for those of us with serious deadlines...)

Hat #1 (knit out of the same Organic Merino Swamp Monster handspun that I knit Billy's earflap hat out of):

Pattern: Fancy Ribby Hat, but instead of decreasing at the top, I just knit it as tall as I wanted, then kitchnered the top together. I then knit two short lengths of i-cord, and tied off the corners into little "ears".

Hat #2 for my 11 year old sister Rachel:

She looks WAY more adorable in hats than I do, so never fear, it'll be super cute once she gets it on her little head. (P.S. Do you have ANY IDEA how difficult it is to take a picture of the top of your own head? OH MY GOSH.)

Flannel "Brown Bear" pajama pants for Sparky and Max (and yes! In time for Pajama Day at school on Friday!):

I used a very simple "Simplicity" pattern that I picked up at WalMart for about $3. It's just one pattern piece cut out twice. Love 'em. I still have to sew the ones for Daisy and Billy, but those can wait until I get the gifts out that I have to mail tomorrow.

Baked goods gifts for teachers and neighbors (free PDF download for supercute tags here at Everybody Likes Sandwiches):

I think I baked something like 7 or 8 separate things in one day (Thursday). Not all for gifts -- I had to make the family bread and such too, and also a few things didn't turn out well enough to be gifted (hello you criminally ugly looking marshmallows!), but I'm glad that's done and out the door.

Whew! That's a lot of stuff...but I'm still not done. And here I am blogging. Excuse me while I get back to the sewing machine. I have some aprons to complete...

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