Thursday, August 06, 2009

Love Over Gold Scarf (and answers to frequently asked questions)

I've been looking through my email, trying to remember who I've gotten back to and who I have not, regarding questions that have been asked over the past few weeks. I'm afraid to say, I've gotten so delinquent that my inbox is swallowing me whole, and there's no way that I can dig myself out. Therefor, if you have not received an answer from me about something -- even if it was just a small question or whatever -- please ask me again! I really do want to be able to answer you; I feel terrible that some of the emails have slipped through the cracks.

Two questions, however, have been asked fairly often, so I will address them here:

Q.) Where in the heck are you moving in Texas? (Faith! Texas is a massive state!! Be specific!!)

A.) We are moving to somewhere very near Austin. I have been seeking out yarn shops and spinning/weaving/knitting guilds and groups in the general area, so if you have any information or tips for me, please don't hold back!

Q.) Where did you purchase your adorable red kitchenette set (as shown, for instance, in this picture)?

A.) It's Target's Red Lucy Chairs; the table doesn't seem to be on their site anymore, but it's similar to this one, and it flips to reveal either a white enamel side, or a faux wood grain veneer.)

Last weekend I finished up the scarf I was weaving!

Stats: 6-1/4" wide, 78" long (not including fringe).

I used my Southern Cross Fibre February Club (David's first club installment ever!), Polwarth, "Love Over Gold", 4 oz, 296 yds worsted weight. For accents in the warp, I also used two millspun yarns: Lang M.A.X. (thicker, dark purple), and Schachenmayr Nomotta Merino (thinner, light blue).

I love the way the textural contrast of the dark purple worked out, almost like corduroy, and the Polwarth (spun long-draw), gives the fabric both bounce, cush, and drape. (Nope, "cush" is not a word, and yes, I do intend to use it again in the future.) (Also, I've just realized that I can't say "both" and then list three things. But I already did.) (Here we go with those parenthesis again...)

I hemstitched the edge, as I have now become fond of doing. It just gives such a nice, neat finish to a woven piece. I didn't twist the fringe though, because I felt like the yarn was thick enough, and I like the way that there's distinctly different texture visible in that as well.

Overall, I'm very happy with it, and I'm sure my mom will love it. My brother was here when I cut it off the loom, and his first question was "Oh yeah? Well where's mine?!" Which means...I've got more weaving to do.

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