Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Little Guy Hats

As promised, here is the pattern for the hats I knit for my little crew. I almost feel silly posting it, since it's such a simple, kind of generic pattern. However, I sometimes knit gifts for other children, and, without their little heads in front of me to measure, I find myself guessing at how big my children's heads were at that age. Also, the swirly decrease pattern at the crown pleased me to no end as I finished each. All of this to say, simple or not, here you go.

(The mitten pattern is based on the on Mittens 101 from Knitty.com.)

Sizes: 12 months and 2-4 years

Yarn: KnitPicks Swish Superwash Merino (110 yds, 50 grams; a wosted weight) -- approx 1 ball per hat.

Needle: size 5 circulars, or size needed for gauge (I always knit magic-loop, but you can use DPN's if you're more comfortable with that technique)

Gauge: 21 sts per 4 inches (knit worsted weight at a nice tight gauge to make a warm fabric)

CO 80 (90) sts, knit in twisted 1x1 rib (k1 through the back loop, p1) for about 10 rows. Switch to stockinette and knit plain (or adding a stripe of choice) until work measures 3-5/8” (4-1/2”).

Begin decreases. K6, k2tog around. Knit one row plain. K5, k2tog around. Knit one row plain. Continue to decrease as established (k4, k2tog; k3, k2tog, etc.) with alternating plain rows until 16 sts remain. K2tog around.

Break yarn, use darning needle to run end through all sts 2 times (a hole will work it’s way open at the top if it’s only done once). Pull tight, weave in all ends.

Place on the head of nearest cute child.

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Michelle Ingram said...

hi there... I am currently doing this pattern in the smaller size - i ended up with 20 stitches at the end - not 16.. what am i doing wrong? does it matter? i am wanting to do 2 more of these & would like to know what i am doing :-)  Thanks!

Faith D. said...

Do one more set of decreases, then knit two together all the way around and
complete as written.

Michelle Ingram said...

 hmm - my last decrease was k1 k2tog - and i now have 20 stitches left - so if i just do the k2tog then i will just have 10 left instead of 8 - will that be too many? also, do you have any idea how i ended up with this many - trying to understand so i don't do it again! thanks...

Faith D. said...

No, I probably just didn't do the math right for the smaller size. If you
have 20 stitches now, do the k2tog once, and that should be fine. :-)

Michelle Ingram said...

 Perfect! It is the cutest hat! have 3 to do :)


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