Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Chocolate Berry Pie (handspun)

I typed out the title for this post, and then realizing that I have now turned this blog into a place for recipes as well as fiber related activity, I added in the last part. =)

Moving on.

The house is still; all three children are taking their naps. I should be working on my projects or doing something productive, yet I have one eye on the Ravelry message boards, and I'm composting a blog post. Hmm. I'm in a strange mood. There's some change in the air, and I can't talk about it yet, but it makes me feel all weird inside. I can post more about it in a few weeks (no, has nothing to do with another baby, I'm not writing a book or opening an Etsy shop -- I promise I'll talk about it later, and it's really not exciting at all, but it just effects our little family greatly).

I've been doing a lot of spinning lately, finishing up a pound of this:

Naturally colored Dark Brown BFL and handpainted Pie For Everyone from Spunky Club (November)

All of that has been transformed into this:

1000+ yards DK-light worsted

I decided to use it for Amy King's Sprout - Growing Roots. Here's my swatch:

I was playing around with row-counts for the stripes, and decided to go with ones that are just a bit narrower.

I cast on for this two days ago, and cannot seem put this project down. Although I don't have a whole lot of knitting time at the moment, I'm almost through with the yoke. I don't have a picture of the actual work in progress yet; I want to wait until I'm at least past the armholes, but I'm really enjoying this knit! Everything else has been put aside at the moment until this is done (or until my attention strays elsewhere...)

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