Monday, March 17, 2008

Finished things

It's about time I showed you something.  I finished my Button Me Up sweater.  This happened sometime before Christmas.  Whoops!  Better late than never.

Pattern:  Button Me Up Pullover by Laura Chau
Needles: KnitPicks circular, magic loop style
Yarn: Handspun Bulky Wool

I love the neck detail.


(Buttons found at my LYS.)

You might notice a slight difference in color in a band around the midsection.

This is because after I had completed the sweater I noticed two things: the sweater was a little too short for me, and ribbing looks terrible stretched over my belly.  I cut one stitch over the offending rib section and separated the bottom from the rest of the sweater.  I then ripped down until I had only two inches of rib (instead of the intended 4), and knit back up until I ran out of yarn.  I rejoined with the ball that I had finished knitting with at the top of the sweater. 

This was the same colorway and dyelot, but it was just slightly different.  It also appears that all of the stitches bias in the opposite direction, and I'm not sure if that's because I knit back down or what happened (at this date I can't remember exactly which way I knit when I was fixing the problem).  Anyway, I added several inches in this manner, and then kitchnered the entire thing back together. 

It shows a little, but not enough to make a real difference.  No one has stopped me on the street for rude questioning or anything, and I'm rather pleased with the sweater overall.  I wear it pretty much non-stop.  In fact, you may have noticed it in some pictures that have been taken since Christmas.

Christmas morning:

Cooking Christmas dinner:

Ice cream in Luxembourg:

Sharing Gelato in Trier:

Hanging out in Switzerland:

Shopping in Venice:

Yes, this sweater has been everywhere. I need another! I'm almost done with the back of Central Park Hoodie, but, of course, no pictures.

I do, however, have a shot of the completed had/mitten sets that I knit for the children on our trip down to Italy:

Pattern: My own for the hats, mittens were based on Mittens 101 from
Needles: KnitPicks circular, magic loop style (generally the only way that I knit in the round
Yarn: KnitPicks Swish Superwash

These have all been put through very heavy use already, and I'm glad that I took the time to work them up. It really didn't take that much time -- I just kept putting it off for other projects.

Something that I haven't blogged about at all -- I'm knitting the Hemlock Ring Blanket, and am almost done with it already! This was my "in Italy" knit.

I'm on the row that Jared of Brooklyn Tweed highlighted as his last repeat, but I want to go a bit further to try and use up as much yarn as possible.

I've been busy at my wheel too:

8 oz Pie For Everyone Spunky Eclectic club.

Dark BFL, to be plied with the Pie For Everyone.

The finished yarn will be knit into a cardi (for me!)

Also, I'm very nearly done with the Five (Three) Fruits Party Dress Sweater for Daisy.

All that I need to do is to sew on the buttons.

I think that I'm all caught up now on knitting and spinning progress.  Next, I have a Red Velvet Cupcake recipe to share, and also one for curry powder!

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