Monday, March 12, 2007

Three plies

The perseverance with the butterscotch fiber (Golden Fleece) was worth it. This is the squishiest three-ply I've ever spun. The drape is beautiful because of the cotton, yet the yarn is light on account of the Merino. Even better is the way that it's knitting up.

I cast on for the Baby Bolero from One Skein (by Leigh Radford) two days ago, and have gotten this far. I'm modifying it with an embossed snowflake on the back instead of the lace detail. I'll post a clearer shot later.

You can see the skein of two ply in this picture as well. That will be for the Fiber Trends hat and booties which I will cast on for next.

This fiber blend is working up into the perfect fabric for an April baby. It'll be light and breathable, yet warm and serviceable at the same time.

As I knit, I keep thinking of the soft, peachy little body that will model this in just a few weeks!
My midwife was here today, and says that she thinks the baby will be a few days late, but I'm hoping she's wrong. The baby has already gotten uncomfortably low, which I know doesn't mean anything, but I can always wish...

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