Friday, November 11, 2005

First sock!

I know this probably shouldn't be so exciting, but this week, I've finally finished the first Jaywalker. Yes, it really did take me way too long, but only because my life has suddenly gone full throttle. I will finish the second one. I have a few inches done, but nothing that I will photograph, since you will only think that I am reposting pics of this one in progress. So in all her glory, I present, Jaywalker 1:
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The color in the photo is a little washed out. The sock itself is much richer, warmer tones, but I decided not to worry until I can take pictures of the two finished together.

Does anyone remember me swearing to a yarn fast until I've saved up to buy the spinning wheel? Did anyone believe me?

This cute little yarn family came in a big box this week. Oh, did I order that? Oh. Well, its' for Christmas gifts (well...most of it) And anyway, it's Knitpicks. Does it really count when it costs that little? (Why did I have to buy this much? Well, to get the free shipping, of course!) Notice the cream colored sock yarn to the far right. Yes, I'm going to dye my own. No, that has nothing to do with Christmas.
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I ordered two of the "dancing" elastic sock yarns. "Ballet" was pretty, although I wish it was a little more subtle with the purple/pink theme, but I must say, I agree with Mouse: "Swing" is like a circus. I was going to make it into little footies for my brother, but I'm afraid he'll hate them. He said he might not, but I can't take a picture that truely captures the horror of the redbluegreenyelloworange throwing itself up at me. Maybe I'll hide it for now.

Ok, ok, since I'm airing all my dirty laundry, I might have bought this too...
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It also didn't cost much. I was at Hobby Lobby, and it was calling to me. I had started a little hoody sweater for Mr A a while ago, and completely fell out of love with the colors. So I'm starting again. New blue, and no grey this time. It's a good thing that this sweater doesn't take a lot of yarn! Otherwise I'd feel bad about this switch. But I don't feel bad. (Ok, nevermind, I wouldn't have felt bad anyway.) Alright, back to that second sock here...


Jeanie said...

Nice yarn haul! And don't feel bad about the Wool-Ease... it happens to the best of us ;-)

Mouse said...

I'm so... (snickers) sorry that you fell victim to the HORROR that is "Swing"-- I am posting a picture of my very first sock that I'm knitting in that horrible yarn as soon as I can stomach looking at the picture long enough to crop it. I understand about "color settings" on your monitor, but PLEASE explain to me how something so cool looking on the website looks like THAT in person?? I started knitting it thinking that it "might not be as bad knitted up".. Oh- was I wrong. Wait 'til the colors pool up on the needles.. ::shivers:: I'm at a total loss as to what rainbow colors and "Swing" have to do with each other as well... and the weird stretchy texture just makes the color that much worse.

Amy said...

Your jawyalker socks looks really great! I love that pattern, and the colorway you used really displays it nicely.


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