Monday, September 05, 2005

moving and Newsie news

Well, this is The Week. The week that we move four years of settling and head on down to Columbus, GA. I feel a little wierd about it, like I'm watching someone else do this. Like I just have to do a really deep house cleaning/organizing, but that we're not really going anywhere. How can I be prepared for something I've never done? Maybe it'll hit me after I actually get there. My husband is driving down with the movers, and my little guys and I will follow in a few weeks, once everything is set in place and organized in the new apartment. The only problem is, now that gas prices have spiked, airline tickets may be going up too. I may be stuck in NY longer than planned.

On the knitting front, I have cast on for the Cabled Newsies hat from SnB Nation. I've completed the ribbing, which is not all that exciting, so no pictures for now. This will be my first cabled project, so I'm interested to see how it goes. This is also my first project using the actual yarn called for in a pattern. I chose a soft green, which I'm pretty happy about.


Mouse said...

I love that hat.. can't wait to see how it looks. What yarn are you useing?

Faith said...

I'm using Blue Sky Worsted Hand Dyed (alpaca and merino). It feels AMAZING to knit with.


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