Monday, September 19, 2005

Dialing...checking password...verifying member...connected...uploading settings...

Please put me in a padded room. Never mind the's just dial up insanity.

I literally feel like my head will explode. I've been attempting to upload pictures now for over an hour. Yes, shoot me now. Anyway, no pictures for today. So sorry. I will be at my in-laws tomorrow, and they have cable, so it will be no sweat. I had cable a week ago. But since we moved out of Watertown, I've been staying with my parents until Greg gets everything "squared away" down in GA. (Woah, please excuse the rhyming.) And my parents have dial up. Yes. Sucks.

We never recovered the phone, but we had insurance, so he got a new one for only (?!) $50. I won't bore you with my rants, but I must pose the question: what the hell is the use of a deductable to me? If I pay you for insurance, why can't you just buy me a new phone? Infuriating.

Comments are the lifeblood of any blog, and I thank those of you who have continued to check in and leave kind words about the phone. Also, to those of you who have emailed me, please excuse my terrible response time. I can't even access my hotmail/gmail until after midnight, which is kind of an exausting hour for me. I also feel bad that I haven't been keeping up on the blogs that I look forward to reading each (normal) day. It will be wonderful to have my own house, my own computer back to me again. But all is not lost. I get precious time with my family these days, and I will not be seeing them until Christmas once I leave. So I can dwell on those thoughts.

While I haven't been blogging (due to the move and the s-l-o-w moving internet), I have been knitting. I finished the Newsies hat, and started a sweater for my little Mr. A. I did take pictures. You cannot see them. I must end this post now before I jump through the window, but please check back tomorrow. I shall surely blog again.

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