Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Polka Dot Apron

Our summer has been busy.  REALLY busy.  Somehow though, amongst all of the busyness, I managed to carve out some time to make a project that was all for me.

Polka-Dot Apron
Simplicity Daisy Kingdom apron pattern # 3701

A while ago I had asked my Aunt Susie for apron pattern suggestions, and this was one of them.  I immediately wanted to make it for myself, but, as it happens with Projects For Me, it got pushed further and further down in my queue.  I actually used the little girl version of the pattern to make an apron for Daisy this past Christmas.

Polka-Dot Apron

Happily though, I finally decided to take some time to make this, and it fits so nicely!  The criss-cross straps across the back make the apron comfortable to wear and keeps it from shifting around without having to tie it too tightly.  Such a great design.  I love the completely unnecessary shoulder ruffles as well.

Polka-Dot Apron

Polka-Dot Apron

The piping and rick-rack details are a little fussy to work, but I am so charmed by the finished product, and the lined upper makes this apron feel like a true quality piece that will last for ages.

Polka-Dot Apron

Predictably...I want to make at least 11 more!


Carolyn said...

So adorable!  I love all the little details on the really makes it special!

Cecilia Krueger said...

oh, amazing! this is just like the aprons my grandma wore except hers didn't have the tie in back the criss cross just ended at the side.

the really neat thing is i have wanted a pattern for this for ever and haven't seen one, and now i have!

thanks so much!


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