Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Swimming and birthdays!

I've been meaning to post about the crafty things that I've been doing on this trip, but I'm too busy to do much more than catch you up on our vacation goings on.  We're in NY this week, spending time with my family.  On Tuesday, we went to a nearby state park for a rather cold -- but fun -- swim/splash.  My sister Hannah and her toddler Chazz were there too, although they arrived after I'd already stowed my camera away.


That night we had planned a "Five Little Cousins Birthday Dinner Party" to cover birthday celebrations past and upcoming for all of the little guys. 


One of my aunts brought gifts, I made dinner (4 chickens roasted with lemon-thyme-garlic butter, gravy, rice, sauteed red swiss chard, romaine salad, corn on the cob) with some help from Greg and my mom, and made 2 layer cakes (lemon cake filled with a quick blueberry jam/sauce and vanilla pastry cream, and frosted with a lush lemon swiss meringue buttercream).

After dinner, Hannah assembled the cake (she had also made the pastry cream) with Chazz's help.


Chazz had the very important job of Frosting Taster.


He may have had a little bit of help from some friends.





(I can bake things that taste great, but I am severely challenged when it comes to decorating, so I was glad that Hannah took that part over for me.)

My littlest sister Rachel put as many candles as she could into the tops of the cakes,


and we turned the lights down for everybody's favorite song.







Happy pre and post birthday to all!

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