Friday, August 27, 2010

Back to school

The boys have started school.
(Notice Max's outfit -- he dressed to match his new lunch bag)

I managed to hold back my tears as I gave them each a final, crushing hug in their classrooms on Monday...

The first few days were a little bit of a struggle as we each learned to deal with the earlier mornings, the packing of the "right" lunches (who knew that finding the "wrong" thing in your lunchbox could be so emotional?!), and helping the boys learn to decompress when they first walk in the door after school.  The little ones have finally stopped feeling so sad about the emptiness of the house, and the gentler pace of our day has gone from strange, to very, very welcome.

We've hosted a tiny tea party with a few friends (I've started reading Mary Poppins to the boys, and they were very impressed with the Raspberry Jam Cakes),

Attended a Little Guy Costume Tea Party,

And I've enjoyed the extra cuddle time and slower pace of moments spent with my littler people.  It's been a busy week, full of emotion and adjustments, but overall, it's been good.  The school year has begun.

In my next post, I have a few projects to share with you.  Have a wonderful weekend!

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