Monday, August 23, 2010

Max's self-portrait pillow

Yesterday afternoon Max helped me put together first a pillowform (which he stuffed himself!), and then the embroidered pillowcase ("Wow, your sewing machine sews WAY FASTER than you, Mommy!").


He is pretty sure it's the coolest pillow that was ever made.

When people ask me why I take the time to do the slow handwork that so often fills my days, I want to show them pictures of little faces that look like this:

The envelope style closure on the back of the pillowcase doubles as a blanket caddy for his quiet time at school
When we finished the pillow and he held it in his arms for the first time, I explained how he could hug it during his rest time at school. I told him that when he traced the stitches with his fingers, he could think about how I worked those stitches for him, and he could remember how much I love him, even when he was at school. Tears pricked both of our eyes, and he hugged me fiercely, then ran off with the pillow to show it proudly to Greg.

Oh yes my friends, it was totally worth the effort.

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