Monday, July 20, 2009

A very sock summer

ravAfter my sweater binge over the past year, the sock bug has suddenly bitten once again.

Socks on and off the needles

Sweet-Tart Socks in Online cotton-stretch sock yarn. (I have no idea what that smear is in the photo - I must have slipped when it was in edit mode. Whoops! No time to change it at the moment though.)
Sweet Tart Socks

They are almost exactly matched.

Sweet Tart Socks

Somehow at the end, although I have exactly the same number of rows, I must have changed my tension enough to account for this little blip:
Sweet Tart Socks

Ah well. They're comfy, and I'm sure that my mom will love them.
Sweet Tart Socks

For more project details, check out the Ravelry page here.

Do you ever look at your knitting and think: I am working the most beautiful piece of fabric I have ever seen in my life?
Noro socks in progress

Or feel bad for all of the other poor sods, because they can't have the privilege of knitting on the same gorgeous project as you?

Noro socks in progress
As I knit, I keep stopping to admire the graduated stripes, the wild color changes, and the sock forming under my hands.

I think the word might be "obsession". And dudes: I've got it.

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