Thursday, July 23, 2009

Silk Laceweight and a spoiler for July Southern Cross Fibre Club

Please note that this post contains a spoiler for the July edition of Southern Cross Fibre Club.

Yesterday I finished up the laceweight two-ply silk I've been working on for the past...month? Two months? My brain is a fog, and I don't care to check the archives, but suffice to say, it's been a while. I had purchased this from Susan's Kitchen a while ago. Normally I don't go for oranges, but these colors just jumped out at me and I felt that I needed it. Plus, it's pure silk. I need no other reason. Anyway.

Two bobbins of silk singles

Plied laceweight silk

Steam setting:
Steam-setting my silk yarn
I put it in a colander over a simmering pot of water (water level not high enough to touch yarn), and let it steam for 10 or 15 minutes, turning occasionally with tongues.

I whacked the damp skein gently a few times after it had cooled just a bit, then twisted it 2 or three times during the course of it's drying time to align the silk fibers. All of these steps contributed to the luster coming up beautifully in the finished skein.

Here, you can see it glowing in the morning light:
100% silk, 592 yds laceweight 2-ply

Specs: 1.9 oz, colorway "Alexandrea", 592 yds, 2-ply, laceweight. Source -- Susan's Kitchen.

100% silk, 592 yds laceweight 2-ply
(Euro 50 cent coin is similar in size to the US quarter.)

100% silk, 592 yds laceweight 2-ply

I had intended for this to be an Icarus shawl, although that was an exceptionally optimistic plan, seeing as it needs at least 875 yards, and I had only purchased 2 oz. of the silk. I'll have to look for another shawl that is similarly simple in pattern that will show off this yarn to the fullest (it's gently self-striping), but not use more than the 592 yards that I have.

As soon as the wheel was free, I quickly picked up a bump of Masham wool I've had sitting out on my desk since it arrived from the Southern Cross Fibre club in April. I've been curious about trying out this longwool for the first time, and, although it was a challenge (mostly because I could not seem to make myself hold my hands far apart enough), I spun up most of it last night:
Club fibre: April '09 "Turkish Delight" from Southern Cross Fibre

I brought my wheel into the bathroom this morning while the children were playing in the bath, and finished up the 100 grams. I've pulled out my jumbo-plying head and plan to finish up this skein tonight. Nothing like a quick and chunky project after an endless one!

Also yesterday, I managed to get my Cricket loom warped (I know! I was so productive! It makes me sick too.)
New scarf project on my Cricket loom

I've had this scarf idea for my mom in my head for quite a while, so it was a relief to finally get it on the loom. Warping is the time consuming part that I always seem to put off. The actual weaving of this should be crazy fast, considering the bulky-ish range of yarn weights I'm using.
New scarf project on my Cricket loom

Now, at last, for the spoiler. My friends, if you are part of the Southern Cross Fibre Club and do not wish to be spoiled, please look away. Consider yourself warned.

Yesterday afternoon, this arrived at my door.
July Club: Shetland "Enchanted" from Southern Cross Fibre
Corriedale "Enchanted".

Have I ever loved a colorway as much as this? I have no words.
July Club: Shetland "Enchanted" from Southern Cross Fibre

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