Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mashem delight!

The Southern Cross Fibre Club (April '09) is done! (For those of you who are on the Rav. board, please forgive me for essentially cross posting to my blog -- I'm tired!)

Specs: 2-ply, bulky, 110 grams, 100 yards, colorway "Turkish Delight".

Southern Cross Fibre Club, April '09, Masham "Turkish Delight"

I spun this short backward draw, smoothing with my forward hand whenever it looked like it was going to be too fuzzy – was attempting for my usual long-draw, but couldn’t seem to remember to hold my hands far enough apart for the crazy long staple of this new-to-me wool.

Southern Cross Fibre Club, April '09, Masham "Turkish Delight"

It was a bit of a challenge wool for me, but I adore the colors and am pleased with the outcome. It is always a satisfactory feeling when I’m able to produce a squishy yarn out of a coarser fiber.

Southern Cross Fibre Club, April '09, Masham "Turkish Delight"

This past week has been a little bit of a rough one with Greg working late every night, and the children reacting to his absence. He had a long weekend though, so on Friday morning, he "snuck" out with Sparky, Max and Daisy. This is what I found on the bathroom mirror.

My husband took the pirates out this morning

This little fellow very sweetly took a nap, and I got at least half of a morning to myself. A luxury I treasured!!

Happy little man

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