Saturday, September 06, 2008

Spinnin' fool

As I've noted before, since becoming pregnant with this baby, the only fiber related thing I am truly captivated by is spinning.  And sparkly spinning. 

My main frustration this summer has been that I've had to be away from my Lendrum.  I had thought the Hitchhiker would be a suitable substitute just as an "away" wheel, but as I've discussed before, the setup of the right-handed wheel I purchased just simply didn't work with my left-handed spinning. 

Jan, a commenter here at the blog, mentioned to me that she'd be willing to buy it, and I gladly agreed to the deal.  With that money (and a little extra), I was able to purchase a Fricke Double-Treadle from Spunky Eclectic.

(Woah, check out that belly!)

The treadles have a little bit of play in them so it makes a bit of a "thump", and the orfice took a little bit of getting used to (it's a "v" shaped wire), but all in all, I really like it.  It's a good, solid wheel, and for $356, I certainly could not have done better for a double treadle (unless I went with a Babe, of course).

Since I bought and assembled the wheel, I've felt unstoppable.  Of course things have been slow for the past two weeks because I've been working on that huge (well, huge for me) carding project, but ever since I finished those up the other day, I've been spinning like crazy.

I finally finished spinning and plying the purple and green novelty yarn that I've had in the works, and I got this one shot of it drying on the line yesterday.

I plied this with the green held a little tighter, allowing the purple to wrap it just a bit and bloom up.  Every draw, I'd allow the green to give an extra set of wraps to a short section to give the green some room to flash.

Today was rainy, so no more beauty shots or specs yet, but sufficient to say, I am pleased with the results; they are as I planned, and that's always a happy thing.

I also spun the red/pink up and got it plied.  It's hanging over the shower as I type, still quite wet, but hopefully I can show it off in my next post.  I'm so excited with the way the colors played out!
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