Monday, September 08, 2008

First day of homeschool, and more about the Fricke

Last week, Sparky turned 5, and we started Kindergarten.  This is what our first day of school looked like:

I'm not sure how many years I want to do this -- my plan is to take it year-by-year and see how it goes.  For now, homeschooling offers the greatest flexibility, since I like to be able to travel during the school year (which is the only way to go as far as space-available flights via Airforce cargo jets, since they get crazy full during the summer, and it's almost impossible to get out), and also I like the idea of having the children in my own care when they're small. 

Another thing is that I feel like my life would be harder if I had to wake up earlier than I already do, and then put all of my children in the car to drive at least one of them to school, only to turn around a few hours later to go get them again.  I know that many people do it, but I just think that this particular plan of homeschooling is the best for our family at the moment.

I've been spinning the blue-green today, but since I don't have any finished skeins to show you (they're spun but are as yet unwashed), here are some detail shots of the Fricke.  Some of you have expressed interest to me in getting one yourself, so here's a closer look:

Orfice and bobbin (loaded up with my little sister Rachel's bumpy "novelty" singles)

Tensioner knob and oil bottle

Double treadles
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