Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Batts forever!

Have you ever started a project that turned into An Epic Beast? Well of course you have, look at who I'm talking to here. Well anyway, remember this stuff?

Well, it dried, and then my friend Sharon lent me her carder. I thought that this would be an afternoon thing, and then I could spin the batts the next day. I forgot to take note of the actual time that I can commit to myself to fiber arts each day (has anyone noticed the actual number of projects that have been completed since I've been here? Right.)

So anyway, full of hope, I started off opening all of the locks. As I plunged in, I noticed that the locks had been partially felted. No problem! I've fluffed out and salvaged felted stuff before! Then each color needed at least two passes through the carder. Next, another pass to add sparkle, and finally, one last pass to blend colors together. It seemed that it would never end.

At last (2 weeks after the initial dying day), I present to you my two brand new piles of batts:

Both sets of batts contain a good deal of glitz, and since the wool was leaning towards the neppy end of things, I decided to just embrace the texture and go for it. These will spin out lumpy and bumpy, and because it's on purpose, it will be beautiful. I promise.

The pink/red is destined to be a hat/mitten set for my littlest sister Rachel (2-ply worsted), and I have no idea what the teal/green will be, but it will probably start it's life as singles, just because.

Now I need to finish up that big skein of purple/green novelty that I had mentioned starting a few weeks ago (before getting sidetracked by the carder), and I can begin to spin up this stuff. Finally!
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