Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Seven Years

Yesterday marked the passing of 7 years of marriage to the love of my life. This gorgeous surprise was delivered to me in the morning:

(Lillies, my favorite flower -- Calla Lillies made up my wedding boquet)

The Wollmeise sock is progressing at...well, some sort of a pace. However, anytime I'm staying at my parent's house, it seems like I accomplish things as though running through molasses. Example: I have not knit or spun in two days (well, I knit about 10 stitches in the waiting room at the eye doctor today, but that doesn't count for much, does it?)

I think it falls into the "it's so ugly it's cool" category.

Tiny Nephew was posing as Edna 'E Mode today.

The puppies have started eating "solid" food (or as solid as dog food that has been soaked in water for several hours can be).

Some of you have asked what we plan to do with these little guys. My parents breed Golden Retrievers to sell; these are this year's litter, and so far the dark dude already has a home promised him once he hits the 8-week-mark.

My husband grew up in a farming community where his parents still reside. My father-in-law told any sheep farmers he knew to save any wool they didn't want for him this year. A week or two ago, he showed up with these seven (SEVEN) bags of raw, stinky fun.

My little sister Rachel and I spent much of the morning on Saturday sorting and washing two of the fleeces.

From what I can gather, there seems to be 14 fleeces all together. Woah. I may have to share my wealth a bit with some of the fiber folks I hang out with on Mondays.

Did you know that "wool" is the gift of choice anniversary #7? How appropriate. =)

Now I'm learning to handcard, using this video (and here's pt. 2) that I found on YouTube. I think I'm getting the hang of it...sort of. I bought a whole bunch of KoolAid, and if tomorrow looks like it's going to be as beautifully sunny as today, Rachel and my little guys and I will work on dying some of the locks to make the carding more fun.

Entirely unrelated, but did you have any idea you could get into this much trouble while using watercolor paints?
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