Saturday, August 27, 2005

whatever happened to Faith?

Ohmygoodness, so sorry about the recent lapse in posts. After going to NJ two weekends ago, I returned home for two days, then our whole little family headed to Harrisburg for the weekend (for music festival Purple Door). Now the Mr. is in GA finding an apartment for us while I'm staying at my parents house with my little guys. Quite a whirlwind. I have stories from Purple Door, and even a few pictures of WIP's, but unfortunately the batteries to my camera died and I didn't bring the charger, so I can't upload them at this moment...yes, I'm full of excuses, but maybe I'll get back on top of things sometime. Maybe even later today?

Right now I have to bake some cinnamon roll bread (since the ENTIRE loaf was domolished almost as soon as it left the oven yesterday), as well as something for a coffee house tonight. Both my boys are sleeping, so I'd better get cracking!


Leigh Anne Haygood said...

Where in Georiga are you moving?
another socknitter,
Leigh Anne Haygood

Sarah said...

you're alive! whew!

Sarcy said...

Glad to see you. I thought maybe you moved early and they don't have the internet in Georgia...just kidding.

Jesse and Melody got engaged last week. They're getting married next August on my b-day! :)

A roadtrip is going to put me in NJ for 2 days next week. I'm dragging Dave off on our belated honeymoon!

Sarcy said...

I've succumbed. I've begun blogging. Just thought I'd let you know.


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