Friday, August 05, 2005

Cutting my teeth

So I cast on for my first sweater (Bad Penny). Three times. The first time I had to frog it was because something happened with the first cast on stitch after I'd already done a few rows. The tail was a little two short, I think, and un-tied itself (I'm telling you, this stuff has a mind of it's own. Has anyone seen this, on Kate Gilbert's site? It's spreading, and there's no help for it. Guard your yarn!)

The second time is evidence of what happens when you think you're smarter than the pattern on your very first sweater. I'm not sure how well you can tell from the picture, but it took me over ten rows to realize the eyelets aren't supposed to look like this:
Image hosted by
It was only a problem with the first set of them. The rest looked like this:
Image hosted by
I had to rip out the whole thing. It was very hard for me. I don't think I've ripped out that much in one shot before. I know I'll probably have to frog something huge at some point, so I guess it's just something I'll have to harden myself to. Sadly.

But now it's back on the needles, and things are going swimmingly. (Stayed up 'till past midnight to do this...exhausted and bleary eyed, knowing Elijah would wake up to eat soon, but it had to be done!)

Speaking of things on the needles, I have to admit something: I am breaking Pacts With Myself left and right. I have more than one thing on the needles. AGGHH! Now I'm panicking. I know that everyone does it, but all my life I've limited myself to one project at a time. This way I'm spurred on to finish quickly so that I can start the next thing. However....well, I made this pact 9 weeks ago (of course)...I have three things going. Will I ever finish any of them? And one of them is that damn second sock. And would you believe that it's suffering from a bit of Second Sock Syndrome? Yes. Ah well. I vow to finish it (the sock) this weekend! Let's see if that's a pact I can actually keep.


Sarah said...

talk about the damage done.
you can do it! you can do it!

Amy Boogie said...

Frogging is a fact of knitter's lives unfortunately. Once you frog an entire sweater, it will seem like no big deal anymore :)

I tried to limit my WIPs but there is something about being able to work on a bunch of different things that's just so much more rewarding at times.


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