Sunday, January 05, 2014

Happy New Year!

Well.  I had certainly never intended on dropping this blog.  In fact, I adore blogging -- it's the perfect place to work through how I feel about things, experiment with photography, and share life moments with friends and family far and near.  The thing of it is....I've been incredibly distractible lately.  I'll go to the computer to start writing a blog, and half way through the post I will have bored myself so completely that I just give up and go do something else.  OR (even more often) I'll sit down with every intention to write, and instead find myself wondering WHAT IS UP with the Midnight Sun Scandal, or DEAR GOODNESS how many makeup tutorials are out there on how to make the perfect cat-eye?, HEY Ellen is so freaking funny I just can't stop watching her, hmm I wonder if I need to know how to do ALL OF THESE HAIRSTYLES,OMG I had no idea you could buy Lycra Spandex WHOLESALESHINY! SQUIRREL! yeah seriously.  It's a problem.  And then I feel like anytime I take a long leave of absence here on the blog I need to explain myself on where I've been......SNOORRREEEE AGGH I'M ALREADY BORING MYSELF OHMYGOSH.

So there we have it.  Maybe my New Year's Resolution is that I'm Going To Write At Least Twice A Week, but telling you that would be just like telling you the last thing I wished on a shooting star, or my birthday candles, or a lost eyelash, or my or my or my or my FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE SOMEONE STOP ME.

Anyway, at some point I'll catch up with Jonah's birthday and Christmas and a rocking New Year's Eve party we had, but for now, here we are taking down our tree...

(All of the ornaments get put back in specific boxes...Greg's method reminds me of decorating with my Aunt Maryann every Christmas)  :-)

And then of course the aftermath of being careful with those ornaments for OHMYGOSHSOLONG:

Somehow the end of Lavella's ponytail got stuck in Elijah's mouth, Andrew felt the deep need for a cuddle and then after that the whole thing went to hell in a handbasket.


Good times.

Happy new year!!

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