Thursday, January 09, 2014

Christmas Stockings

For years now, I've intended to make Christmas stockings for our family.  This meant that I also absolutely refused to buy any.  So we've simply been stocking-less.  About 3 years ago I bought 6 different flannels from, choosing prints that would miss-match but "go" together in a kind of quirky sort of way.  Of course, the moment I decided to pull the trigger on this project was this past year, Christmas Eve.  OF COURSE.

Inspired by this super-simple design (A Beautiful Mess), I traced out a pattern (using two 8-1/2 x 11 sheets of paper taped together), and in one afternoon.....

Cut out and ready to sew

After all of the stressing about finding the perfect mish-mash of fabric patterns, and worrying the project would be complicated (cuff?  no cuff? how big should a stocking be?  ohmygosh I can draw my own pattern??), it was a relief and a joy to see them done.

It was also pretty funny to see that, after all of the worries on making it "quirky enough" my children decided to tie them haphazardly to the railing with bits of yarn and stuffed them with anything small enough to fit in them.  Greg and I started laughing when we realized that it didn't really matter what I had done....the children would have Quirked It Right Up for me regardless of WHAT I had done!

Oh my.  I kind of LOVE these though!  I'm sure that at some point I'll make different ones, but right now, these are exactly crazy, wrong, and perfect.

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