Friday, January 10, 2014

Christamas 2013

For Christmas this year, Greg took about 10 days off from work, and we enjoyed dedicating that time to doing special things together as a family, and quality time with friends.

As is our tradition, we made a special Christmas Eve dinner -- this time it was hamburgers for the children, and lobster for Greg and I, along with roasted potatoes, corn tossed in butter, fresh baguette, and our family's favorite green salad with apples and candied pecans (dressing it with Julia Child's vinegrette with shallots).  There was an incident where my oven door fell off and had to be propped up with a kitchen chair until the potatoes and bread were done baking, but NEVER FEAR!  Dinner turned out anyway.

Christmas morning I set out cinnamon rolls to rise (as always, put together the day before, chilled in the refrigerator overnight), and after eating a light breakfast, we opened our gifts to each other, then Skyped in family to open the rest of the gifts together.

Puffles --- googly-eyed stuffed creatures I made for the children

After gifts we had lunch of cinnamon rolls (ready at last!!), then the children went outside for a wild New Nerf Gun and Bow & Arrow War.  For dinner we had leftovers and some special cheeses/crackers/cured meats.  I love being able to eat something a little bit special and lovely on Christmas night that doesn't involve me standing in the kitchen all day!

At the end of the night, Greg and I sat in the dark with just the lit Christmas tree, and shared a few sips of a very special bottle of bourbon (which had taken him months to track down).

Two days of a beautiful Christmas.

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