Wednesday, July 06, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday: Independence Day (Sister Style)

Last week Rachel made her first dress!  We picked out similar fabrics and made dresses for a backyard BBQ/Independence Day party that we were going to on Monday.  (...Yes, I cut my hair, and it was sort-of unplanned.  We'll save the full story for another day.)

What I Wore Wednesday: Independence Day
Details: Mendocino dress pattern made up in a "homespun" buffalo check from Jo Ann Fabrics, polka-dot Payless wedges on me, Target flip-flops on Rachel, bandana headband (mini-tutorial tomorrow), Target sunglasses on me, Old Navy sunglasses on her.

It's so much fun to put together a themed outfit.  Rachel and I may be 18 years apart, but we've always had this in common: we love a good costume. 

I painted my nails in red, white and blue stripes, which made me smile every time I looked at them.  (First I painted a white stripe down the middle and let it dry.  Then I added red and blue on either side.  I'm sure there are more precise ways to do it, but my time was limited, and I loved the results regardless!)

What I Wore Wednesday: Independence Day

I'm also completely in love with appliqué right now.  Why haven't I done more of this?  I can feel an appliqué bender coming on...  This is the last of my giant vintage rick-rack from my stash.  I'll have to be on the look-out for more!  (Although I've got yards and yards of tiny rick-rack left!  Perhaps I should use that up first...)

I found these hemp wedges at Payless -- cute heels to give me a little height, but the hemp keeps it down-to-earth enough to wear it to a family-style party.

What I Wore Wednesday: Independence Day

What I Wore Wednesday: Independence Day

It's been such a privilege to get a chance to spend time with Rachel, and work on projects together.  I love my beautiful sisters!!


Livnletlrn said...

Could you two be any more adorable? 

I think not.

melissa1023 said...

Faith, You and your sister are adorable!  Good job on the dresses! I've never seen as many hair changes on anyone before in my life...and you're always so cute!  I can't wait to hear the story about the " unplanned cut".  Love it! :D
Hugs~ Melissa

Asilneerg said...

You girls are beautiful!

But oh my word...I'm dying to know about the hair!

(Not so patiently waiting...)

Mousie said...

Your dresses (and nails!) look so cute!  I really like your hair- can't wait to hear about how you made the cut! I had my hair in a short pixie cut once but my husband didn't like it at ALL!! 

Nancy said...

Love these!, your hair is short! ;)


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